Building is the fine art of turning architectural visions into reality

For us, architecture is culture you can build on. For this reason, we develop the fundamental architectural vision of each project in intensive dialogue with excellent service providers. Through our commitment to develop each project in a way that it meets the highest standards of excellence in every regard, we are able to create unmistakable one-of-a-kind luxury properties both out in nature and in the city.

Founder and Managing Partner
Mary-Ann Schoeller

We are UPTON

UPTON Group GmbH, based in Kitzbuehel, was founded by Mary-Ann Schoeller. UPTON develops valuable residential properties in particularly high-quality locations. To create lasting value, we are exclusively associated with renowned architects, interior designers, craftsmen and landscape designers. After all, the cornerstone of our building culture is a high standard of perfection in planning and craftsmanship.

"We develop each and every property to meet the most sophisticated needs, making it a very special home, both for its current residents and the generations to come. We promise you that."

Mary-Ann Schoeller

These are the values that set us apart

Sustainable, unique design, first-class architecture and the highest quality in construction are our promises to you. Because with a property from UPTON, you are not just buying a building, but a place to live that will make you permanently happy.

Our vision

In our view, making a property a beloved home can only be achieved if architecture and design are conceived with both soul and vision – in other words, as a culture – and if premium construction quality is achieved.

Our mission

UPTON stands for luxurious living and the very highest quality. We find the perfect blend of locations in amazing natural landscapes, stylish living concepts and first-class materials, implemented with the highest level of planning and expert craftsmanship. To inscribe this in our chalets and apartments is our mission. A relentless pursuit of perfection, down to the very last detail, rounds off our residential concepts.