Unique properties to last for generations

UPTON stands for unique real estate of the highest quality. Under the leadership of founder and managing director Mary-Ann Schoeller luxurious residential properties are developed in Europe’s best locations, including Kitzbuehel, St. Moritz, Tegernsee, Munich and Sardinia. Collaborations with leading international architects, designers and landscape architects create living spaces of timeless beauty.

We create lasting value

Our standard is nothing less than perfection. Because we at UPTON know: anyone who wants to create lasting values must meet the demands of the highest quality. We therefore only choose properties in the very best locations and seek to collaborate with leading craftsmen who enable us to implement our vision of generosity, elegance and classic design language at the cutting edge.

When you acquire an UPTON property, you are purchasing more than just a prestigious residential property. We want you to feel at home from the very first moment. Stunning, high-quality design, breathtaking views, privacy and a sense of well-being in luxurious surroundings will firmly anchor your new home deep in your heart.

Founder and Managing Partner 
Mary-Ann Schoeller

“The interplay of the right surroundings, first-class architecture and outstanding design create special properties.”

Mary-Ann Schoeller

We turn visions into reality

An outstanding building is always born from a strong vision. For us, this begins with the selection of exclusive and particularly valuable locations. Our properties are exclusively hand-picked and superbly located. After all, only the interplay of the right surroundings, first-class architecture and outstanding design can create one-of-a-kind properties that attract us and retain their value for generations and beyond.

To do justice to this aspiration, we at UPTON work exclusively with renowned architects, leading craftsmen and award-winning interior designers. Furthermore, we oversee the entire construction process, from conception and planning to completion, with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.

We blend outstanding locations, ambience and architecture with first-class craftsmanship to achieve unique properties with a timeless design language. Leading interior designers create furnishings and fittings that bring understated luxury to life in our homes.

Distinctive architecture in the best locations

UPTON specialises in high-class residential properties. Our portfolio consists of luxurious villas and apartments in prime locations in Kitzbühel, St. Moritz, Tegernsee and Sardinia.

Yet our properties are much more than just buildings. They are enduring assets with an unmistakable character. Places to which your heart aspires. We make this possible by implementing your personal wishes with the highest possible quality as well as through the signature designs of award-winning architects and outstanding craftsmanship.

That is why we only contract leading international experts, such as the Landau & Kindelbacher architectural firm from Germany or the ENEA landscape architects from Switzerland.