Building means bringing a vision to life

We create bespoke real estate value of the highest quality

For UPTON, the act of building is much more than just piling up bricks or shaping beautiful facades. With every UPTON property constructed, a space for the heart is born. Whether with the family or for contemplation – which is often not possible in our daily lives, building means creating space for happiness, exchange, joy, love and pleasant togetherness – in short: a true living space.

From the selection of hand-picked properties to the commissioning of leading architects and craftsmen or the fine-tuning of an exceptional spatial concept, we do not make concessions when it comes to every phase of construction.


Breathtaking location


Because our lives are shaped by desires, dreams and visions, we aspire to embed these deeply in our buildings. For us, this entails a beautiful plot of land in a dream location, where the view alone means inspiration and quality of life. Our properties are exclusively hand-picked and superbly located. After all, only the interplay of the right surroundings, first-class architecture and outstanding design can truly create one-of-a-kind properties that attract us and retain their value for generations.

Architecture without compare

UPTON’s building culture is based on the highest quality standards. This applies not only to properties, architecture and materials, but also to the craftsmanship with which we create new living spaces. To satisfy our demand for perfection, we engage only the best in their professions.

Leading interior designers conceptualise furnishings that infuse our homes with understated luxury and reflect our uncompromising standards of excellence. They formulate an architectural design that incorporates the environment and thus ensures balance on the inside through a connection to the outside.

Architecture by Landau+Kindelbacher​

Our properties are designed by the multi-award-winning architects of Landau+Kindelbacher. These architects, known for their prowess in aesthetics and groundbreaking concepts, not only have a sense of beauty and luxury; they also manage to walk the tightrope between architectural and interior design transitions with consummate perfection.

ENEA landscaping

Visionary concepts, a sixth sense for harmonising with the surrounding natural environment, high-quality natural and wooden materials, timeless custom-made furniture and exquisite design products characterise ENEA Landscape Architects’ work made in Switzerland.

In collaboration with internationally renowned experts in high-class exterior design, we create beautiful places of rejuvenation in harmony with nature.


Enzo Enea, award-winning landscape architect

"For me, real estate is much more than just beautiful buildings. The symbiosis of breathtaking locations, high-quality utilisation concepts and excellent architecture has always fascinated me. Unique properties are sustainable investments in the future."

Mary-Ann Schoeller



The quality of a unique property is revealed only through the consequential realisation in craftmanship of the original architectural concepts. 

High-quality timber, hand-picked natural materials and the finest marble lend sustainability to UPTON’s properties, representing timeless elegance and underlining the overall feeling of home.

Interior design

The attention to detail evident in our unique properties is reflected in our individually designed architecture. Custom-made carpentry reflects the quality standards as well as the high-class construction of an UPTON property.

Are you interested in one of our properties or would you like to discuss your ideas with us? We look forward to hearing from you.