“Green” Easter in Kitzbühel

Maria Höfl-Riesch and Mary-Ann Schoeller unveil a giant Easter Bunny made of grass and flowers!

Art in Kitzbühel for Easter – sustainable and with prominent cast! Ski racer Maria Höfl-Riesch, real estate entrepreneur Mary-Ann Schoeller and landscape architect Stefan Reichl came to Vorderstadt on Saturday, one week before Easter, for the opening of this year’s “Kitzbühel Easter Market”. Together they unveiled a giant Easter bunny that Mary-Ann Schoeller gave to the Kitzbühel kindergarten with her real estate company UPTON.

The idea behind it came from Mary-Ann Schoeller: “I have close ties to Kitzbühel and its surrounding nature. Together with the landscape architect Stefan Reichl, we have considered creating a very special Easter surprise that also serves a good purpose. The beauty of nature combined with joy – that’s what we want to express with our Easter bunny made of grass and flowers in Kitzbühel. We are proud to have created a work of art that is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also brings joy to people and helps make a difference in our community.” Because not only the artistic aspect, but also the good cause is important to Mary-Ann Schoeller: “This campaign is intended to help raise awareness of the environment and support our community in order to bring about positive change in the world. ” Mary-Ann Schoeller was also able to inspire Maria Höfl-Riesch: “She is also closely connected to Kitzbühel and nature. I am delighted that Maria is supporting us with this great Easter project today,” says Mary-Ann Schoeller.

What connects Maria Höfl-Riesch with Easter? “At Easter we celebrate the resurrection and renewal of life – a time to remember that we also need to renew our environment and act sustainably to protect it. In Kitzbühel you can feel the bond between man and nature – we should preserve that,” says ski legend Maria Höfl-Riesch. She doesn’t spend Easter itself in Kitzbühel: “Tomorrow I’ll start a twelve-day detox cure near Innsbruck. I do these detox cures regularly at the beginning of spring. Easter eggs are not allowed there….”

Also present: Nicoletta Plumm (“Kitzbühel Tourism”; “I am thrilled that so many committed people have helped to shape the Easter tradition with so much love. Easter in Kitzbühel is a wonderful community project”), Karina Toth, who led through the program, and much more.

Photos: Kitzbühel Tourism